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<< Dear Wes,
 It looks like the evidence of John 8:24 has to be included in the analysis of
verse 58 since the chapter indicates one discourse.
 Pardon if I somewhat overlooked John 8:24 in the archives. It seems it was
not treated in that thread.

Dear Lemuel:

I think Wes is referring to my Summary post, wherein I reference the different
uses of EGW EIMI in the Fourth Gospel, and in the Synoptics.

I agree with you. If a predicate is to be added to EGW EIMI in 8:58, it should
be consistent with John 8:24 and 8:28. But 8:58 is functioning as part of a
Greek idiom that highlights his past and present existence. The question you
are interested in at this point is whether or not Jesus' words involve his
pre- and present existence *as someone*.

I believe he did, and that the predicate relates to his existence as the
Messiah. This is consistent with the context of 8:58, including 8:24, 28. We
have discussed this in previous posts, and it was pointed out that the
reaction of the Jews in 8:58 is consistent with their reaction in Mark
14:60-64, where Jesus also used EGW EIMI as a means of identifying himself as
the Messiah.

Hope this helps!

Greg Stafford

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