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Thanks. I run a search on Gnosticism and it is very interesting. It looks like the spread of this philosophy went all the way to China.

In my 8 years of stay in Thailand, I happened to read some Buddhist handbooks and there is a very strong Gnostic principle underlying Buddhism as a philosophy and religion. I was aware that there is since I happened to read about Gnostic teaching in NT Survey by Tenney when I was a Sunday School Teacher. There is another book, The New Testament and Its Environment (sorry, I forgot the author), I borrowed from an ATS student in Manila that discussed this philosophy. He introduced me to Gordon Fee at that time.

Perhaps the strong influence of Gnosticism to Christianity should not be discounted. I think Paul was trying to correct this in 1 Corinthians 7:1 MH hAPTESQAI. "Do not touch" seem to echo a Gnostic principle.



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This announcement may prove to be of some interest and utility to some, at
least, of our B-Greek membership, inasmuch as it may bear upon ancient
theology as well as purely philosophic areas of research.

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> Noesis: Philosophical Research On-Line
>The Internet Applications Laboratory at the University of Evansville would
>like to announce the beta release of a new search engine dedicated to
>philosophy on the Internet. Designed by the makers of Argos, an ancient
>and medieval search engine, and Hippias, another philosophy search engine,
>Noesis employees new search routines that allow users to approach data
>from a variety of perspectives. For a better understanding of how to use
>the search engine, please see the "Help" file available at the site.
>In addition to a search engine, Noesis includes a browsable index, broken
>down into a separate author index and a collections index. We are planning
>on adding a topical index over time that will allow users to browse and
>search files according to their pertinence to the various areas of study
>recognized by professional philosophers.
>Thank you.
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