Re: Compound subjects with hH?

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sat Sep 05 1998 - 08:34:24 EDT

At 3:12 AM -0500 9/05/98, Paul Zellmer wrote:
>In our review of James 2:14-16, we came across in verse 15 the following
>with the plural form being used hereafter. I would have expected the hH
>to have resulted in the use of a *singular* verb and adjective. Is it
>just my English grammar coming through, or do we have an unusual switch
>from singular to plural? If it is ununusual, what, if anything, is the

My text reads ADELFOS )\H ADELFH, i.e. not an article between the two
nouns, but rather the conjunction used for "or" (or, with a comparative
word, "than").

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