B-Greek meeting at SBL in Florida!

Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 17:48:21 EDT

Colleagues of the B-Greek List:

Again, as last year, Jeffrey Gibson has proposed that those of us
attending the national SBL meeting in November gather for a time
of getting to know each other and sharing interests and concerns.

He and I have consulted with each other, and with the now-available
schedule of the SBL sessions, and propose the following:

Everyone wishing to join in such a meeting, please send a message
saying so, to Jeffrey Gibson. Jeffrey is the "Official Collector
of Notifications re: B-Greek Meeting in Florida"!

Please send him word if you plan to attend, OFF-LIST, to:


To simplify the process, we have decided on what may be the only time
when there is only one conflicting session, when we could also find a
room in which to meet:

TIME: 7:45--8:45 a.m. Sunday

(The one conflict looks serious: It is the annual business meeting of
SBL. But there is no political issue impending, to my knowledge,
and these sessions are cut-and-dried in most cases, and very sparsely
attended. I'm not an officer this year, and while Edgar Krentz may
be, I doubt if anyone else on the List has any need to be there.)

WHERE? I will search for an empty room in the same hotel as the Book
Exhibit, on Saturday morning. This meeting place will be made known by
11:30 a.m. Saturday, through the kind services of GRAMCORD. (I am once
more presuming on the kindness of Dale and Paul, who are not only
subscribers to this List but creators of two of the most powerful tools
for study of the Greek New Testament.) That is, ask at the Gramcord booth
any time after 11:30 Saturday.

EARLY-BIRD HOB-NOB MEETING: Jeffrey and I will be at the Gramcord booth
at 11:30 Saturday morning, hoping that some of you might want to make a
head start on hob-nobbing with each other. Very informal--we'll just
clutter up the aisle, make it hard for Dale and Paul to demonstrate
Accordance and Gramcord, and generally get in everyone's way. But we
will make lots of noises to visitors at the booth that plunking their check
down TODAY for one of these tools is the only scholarly thing to do
(and we'll hope that Paul and Dale will forgive us for our intrusion
on their space).

Edward Hobbs
Co-Chair, B-Greek

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