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From: Jack Painter (
Date: Tue Sep 08 1998 - 10:36:03 EDT


New Docs are a series of volumes out of Macquarrie
University in Australia which examine papyri and
inscriptions commented on in publications for
particular years cited. The info is then examined for
its illustrative value for early Christianity, i.e.
vocabulary, social realities in the first centuries
AD, etc. The volumes are conceived as being an
addition to Moulton-Milligan, Vocabulary of the Greek
New Testament.

I have found the articles to be especially
enlightening. Just today I was reading an article in
volume 6 on the word CEIROGRAFON in Col 2.14.

I have not gotten my hands on volume 8 so I cannot
comment on it.

Jack Painter
Alliance Biblical Seminary
Manila, Philippines

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