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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Sep 08 1998 - 19:18:14 EDT

At 3:42 PM -0500 9/08/98, Willard Renner wrote:
>Thank you Carl, being a Cardinal fan and watching them since the gashouse
>gang, we do not need a longer season. Ruth got his 60 late in a 154 game
>season. Maris got his 61 on the last day of a longer season. Mac got 60 at
>game 142 and 61 at game 143. We do not any of these * weird looking things
>in the record book.
>I know this is not b-greek but it had to be said.

Occasionally it is noted on list that B-Greekers meet each other in the
flesh. Bill Renner and I had a cozy long lunch in a little restaurant in
Spruce Pine, NC this summer during a week in which he was working for
Habitat for Humanity. He's from Missouri (even if he now lives in SC), so
he's another one that you'll have to SHOW> I had a great time discussing
Greek as well as Cardinals baseball with him on that nice summer afternoon.

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