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Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 23:55:09 EDT

Zeke P Moore
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There is a list called B-HEBREW - although it is not nearly as active as
this one. In fact, sometimes days will pass with no list activity.

You may subscribe by sending an e-mail message to

with the following request as the text of the message:


If you are looking for an introductory or intermediate grammer,
Page Kelley's "Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammer" is a
good choice.

It is offered at a discount from Christian Book Distributors:
Their main page is, and the page for more info on
this particular book is

Vocabulary is integrated into each chapter of Kelley's book.


You will also not want to be without the Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew
lexicon -


Interlinear: John Kohlenberger's NIV/BHS interlinear -


...and J.J. Owens' 4-volume "Analytical Key to the OT" -
grammatically parses every word and phrase (not just verbs), translates them
into English, and lists their page numbers in the Brown-Driver-Briggs
lexicon -


For more book suggestions, there is an "Annotated Old Testament
Bibliography" at


Back to vocabulary: John D.W. Watts put together a small book called "Lists
of Words" which listed Hebrew vocabulary according to frequency of
occurrence in BHS - so you can learn the most common words first. It is not
available from any publisher, but if you contact the bookstore at The
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (1-800-626-5525) they could possibly
hook you up with a copy, as they still reprint it for students' use.


Sorry, I am not familiar with Gramcord, so I can't help you there.

Hope that this, or some portion of it, is helpful.

Zeke Moore

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