Re: A Liquid Excretion Product

From: John M. Moe (
Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 18:19:40 EDT

Mark & Mary Markham wrote:



> But in regards to the translations-- isn't male an equilivent as opposed to
> the lit. I don't see a problem with most translations here? I am currious
> as to what is the concern or why the question.
> Mark

I don't think so. "Male" includes even infants. Those who "urinate against the
wall" are of a certain age, and maybe disposition as well. I am reminded of an
expression from my youth. "If you want to run with the pack, you gotta quit
pissen like a puppy." A metaphorical expression, of course, meaning something
like "Grow up and act like a man"

JM. --

Rev. John M. Moe
St. John's Lutheran Church, Rich Valley

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