Re: A question about system commands

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Wed Sep 09 1998 - 18:14:25 EDT

At 06:16 AM 9/9/98 -0500, Richard W McCandless wrote:

>Sorry to be sending a "non Greek" question, but I don't think I've seen
>answer to this: is there a way to set the system so that it doesn't send
>mail for a while? Other lists that I'm on can "set nomail" or some such
>when one is temporarily unable to receive mail. Can g-greek's system be
>set to do this? Thanks. Dick

Yes it can! If you connect to the web site, you can do this yourself,
provided you know your password. There's settings for receiving every
message, receiving digests, or receiving no mail (when you are on vacation,
or if you prefer to read your posts on the web site).

I'm very happy with Lyris, the list server software we are using, which has
a lot of flexibility and is very easy to administer - which is wonderful
since I often just don't have time to do lots of things. And although it's
a commercial program, we get it free courtesy of SunSITE.

Texcel Research

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