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Date: Fri Sep 11 1998 - 12:53:21 EDT

Jim West wrote:
> At 10:24 AM 9/11/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >At 04:56 AM 9/11/98 -0400, Sherrie Sanders wrote:
> >
> >>Exactly what is SBL?
> >
> >Society for Biblical Languages. It's an organization, and the name of the
> >organization is also the name of a conference that is held once a year.
> >
> >Jonathan
> NO!!! It isnt- it is the Society of Biblical Literature. It is the
> International Society for professional Biblical Scholars. Anyone who is
> involved in Biblical Studies is a member. If they are not a member....

OK. My turn to use caps. NO THEY AREN'T!. (:))That is to say, membership
is not automatic for anyone who is involved in biblical studies. There
is a yearly membership fee based on whether or not one is a student, and
if a "professional", on what one's income is.

Again, every pertinent bit about SBL can be found at the Society's

And since this is off-topic, perhaps any further discussion of what the
SBL is and isn't should be conducted privately.



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