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Date: Sat Sep 12 1998 - 11:12:38 EDT

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>(2) One problem with "happy" for MAKARIOS is that it ultimately
reverts etymologically to a notion of chance. Aristotle spends
considerable effort in Book 1 of the Ethics in drawing a distinction
EUDAIMWN--"blessed" in the sense of being fulfilled with the goodness
that deity can bestow--and EUTUCHS--"fortunate" in the sense of
enjoying various sorts of fulfilment for no particular reason other
than that one is "lucky<

I have a few questions, Carl. How would you distinguish EUDAIMWN from
MAKARIOS, or would you make a sharp distinction between the two signs?
Does not Aristotle differentiate EUDAIMWN from MAKARIOS in Nicomachean
Ethics 1101a1-20? If the objection to rendering MAKARIOS as "happy" is
for etymological reasons, is this a valid objection? Based on Ps. 1:1
(LXX), could not MAKARIOS ANER be understood as one who is happy,
because he or she is blessed by the Deity?

Efdgar Foster

Lenoir-Rhyne College

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