From: Edgar Foster (
Date: Sat Sep 12 1998 - 16:56:09 EDT

---Jane Harper wrote:

> > for etymological reasons, is this a valid objection? Based on Ps.
1:1 (LXX), could not MAKARIOS ANER be understood as one who is happy,
because he or she is blessed by the Deity?< <
> Edgar: can ANER be considered generic [i.e., be translated by
either 'he' or 'she']? I was under the impression that ANQWPOS was
inclusive, but that both ANER and GYNH were exclusive.<


First of all let me correct ANER to ANHR. Now, with regard to your
question. Of course, you are right. ANHR is an exclusive term meaning
"man." It is to be distinguished from ANQROPOS (a generic term).

When I replyed to Carl's message, I did not mean to imply that ANHR
could include women. I wrote "he" or "she" because I believe that the
principle enunciated at Ps. 1:1 can apply to both men and women.
Furthermore, it is also conventional--in English--to write he or she
(him or her).

Thanks for bringing this point up.

Edgar Foster

Lenoir-Rhyne College

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