Re: OCR Greek texts

From: Steven Cox (scox@Mail.Sparkice.COM.CN)
Date: Sun Sep 13 1998 - 06:24:37 EDT

Can anyone help with this?
I am told that there is Greek OCR software out there,
and I'd bet someone on this list knows how...

>I received this via another list to which I subscribe which has to do with
>teachers who work with children who have special eductional needs. Do any
>of you technical wizards have any ideas?
>>Dear All,
>>I have come across a small charity which is reproducing into Braille
>>children's books and Bibles in some of the more obscure Asian
>>Languages for the large number of blind people in that continent.
>>At present their OCR software does not recognise non-Roman characters
>>so they have to copy-type in all the text from the original books,
>>have them extensively checked for errors, then they can send the
>>text to Braille on the Swedish Braillo machines which print out the
>>Braille. I am sure that modern technology must be able to come up with
>>something better than this. Does anyone have any information? How
>>do people scan in Greek texts for example (or don't they?).
>>The Company has the fonts for these scripts and each character has
>>an equivalent on the standard keyboard (they just use a code to tell
>>them which key to press.)
>>I should be most interested if anyone can offer a solution (preferably

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