Re: OUAI = "DAMN"?

From: Jane Harper (
Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 21:03:58 EDT

> that would be true if Woe were an obsolete word. But it isnt. The
> relatively educated pew sitter (the audience of Jesus) would know quite well
> what it meant. And they would also know what "damn you" meant. And they
> would know the difference between the two.

Granted. However, my point was that the SV attempts to be a colloquial
rendering, in everyday language. After all, I know what
"antidisestablishmentarianism" means, too, but I don't often use it from the
pulpit :)


Jane Harper
Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (King, 1963)

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