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The Macintosh ONLINE BIBLE, much superior to the IBM platform version of that software, by the way, is available searchable, and contains nothing that has to be "unlocked" -- no hidden costs. This is the original freeware, and the price, as you see, is the cost.

Macintosh Classic CD-ROM - $35 ($50 Can)
Including the Manual and Free Shipping

Macintosh Deluxe CD-ROM - $85 ($120 Can)
With NIV, NASB, NKJB and NRSV royalties prepaid.
Including the Manual and Free Shipping.

It is flexible and to me indispensible. The Contents of the Macintosh Deluxe CD-ROM is as follows.

ΚΚΚ Biblia Hebraica consonantal text, morphologically-separated
ΚΚΚ Biblia Hebraica consonantal text, normal form
ΚΚΚ 1991 Byzantine majority text with Strong's numbers and full parsing
ΚΚΚ 1550/1894 Textus Receptus with Strong's numbers and full parsing
ΚΚΚ 1881 Westcott-Hort and Nestle's 27th text

ΚΚΚ 664,000 Cross-References
ΚΚΚ 1897 Easton's Bible Dictionary
ΚΚΚ 1599 Geneva Bible Notes
ΚΚΚ 1760 John Gill's Expositor
ΚΚΚ 1832 Adam Clarke's Commentary
ΚΚΚ Revised Thayer's Greek English Lexicon
ΚΚΚ Brown Driver Briggs Gesenius Hebrew Aramaic English Lexicon
ΚΚΚ Jamieson, Fausset, & Brown Commentary
ΚΚΚ Spurgeon's Morning & Evening: Daily Readings
ΚΚΚ 25 color maps & diagrams
ΚΚΚ Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
ΚΚΚ Nave's Topical Bible
ΚΚΚ 1930 A. T. Robertson's Word Pictures in the New Testament
ΚΚΚ Smith's Bible Dictionary
ΚΚΚ Thompson's 1934 Chain References
ΚΚΚ Torrey's 1897 New Topical Textbook
ΚΚΚ Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
ΚΚΚ 1767 John Wesley's Notes
ΚΚΚ Barnes Notes
ΚΚΚ Eclectic Bible Notes
ΚΚΚ Works by John Bunyan
ΚΚΚ Commentaries by J. A. Beet
ΚΚΚ Commentaries by J. W. McGarvey
ΚΚΚ 1870 C. H. Spurgeon's Treasury of David
ΚΚΚ 1889 People's New Testament Commentary
ΚΚΚ Material on Archaeology, Creation, & Evolution
ΚΚΚ TTN: 1994 Textual & Translation Notes by Jay Green, Sr.
ΚΚΚ Oxford and 1947 RSV Apocryphas implemented as topics

ΚΚΚ 1901 American Standard Version
ΚΚΚ 1890 J. N. Darby Translation
ΚΚΚ 1833 Webster Bible
ΚΚΚ 1964 Bible in Basic English
ΚΚΚ Living Oracles New Testament
ΚΚΚ Revised Webster Bible with Strong's numbers
ΚΚΚ 1993 Green's Literal Translation
ΚΚΚ 1769 King James Version with Strong's numbers & footnotes
ΚΚΚ 1973 Revised Standard Version
ΚΚΚ 1912 Weymouth New Testament
ΚΚΚ 1898 Young's Literal Translation
ΚΚΚ 1993 Modern King James Version *
ΚΚΚ 1995 New American Standard Bible with footnotes & xrefs *
ΚΚΚ 1988 New American Standard Bible *
ΚΚΚ 1984 New International Version with footnotes *
ΚΚΚ 1982 New King James Version with footnotes *
ΚΚΚ 1989 New Revised Standard Version with footnotes *
ΚΚΚ * Only on the Deluxe CD

ΚΚΚ Topics in Dutch
ΚΚΚ Greek lexicon in Dutch
ΚΚΚ Hebrew lexicon in Dutch
ΚΚΚ Matthew Henry's Commentary in Dutch
ΚΚΚ Kanttekeningen Commentary in Dutch
ΚΚΚ Treasury of Scripture Knowledge in Dutch
ΚΚΚ 1750 Staten Vertaling with Strong's numbers
ΚΚΚ 1933 Lutherse Vertaling
ΚΚΚ 1912 Leidse Vertaling

ΚΚΚ Haitian Creole
ΚΚΚ 1991 Darby
ΚΚΚ Greek lexicon in French
ΚΚΚ Hebrew lexicon in French
ΚΚΚ 1910 Louis Segond with Strong's numbers
ΚΚΚ Spurgeon's Matin & Soir: Lectures Quotidiennes
ΚΚΚ 1979 L. Segond Nouvelle Edition De Geneve with Strong's numbers
ΚΚΚ 1889 People's New Testament Commentary in French
ΚΚΚ Topics in French
ΚΚΚ Treasury of Scripture Knowledge in French

ΚΚΚ 1905 Elberfelder with footnotes
ΚΚΚ Greek lexicon in German
ΚΚΚ Hebrew lexicon in English
ΚΚΚ 1912 Luther with Strong's numbers
ΚΚΚ 1951 Schlachter
ΚΚΚ Treasury of Scripture Knowledge in German

ΚΚΚ 1991 La Nuova Diodati
ΚΚΚ 1994 La Sacra Bibbia Nuova Riveduta

ΚΚΚ 1909 Reina-Valera
ΚΚΚ 1989 Reina-Valera Actualizada

ΚΚΚ 1994 Albanian Bible
ΚΚΚ 1994 Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari
ΚΚΚ 1933 Danish Bible
ΚΚΚ 1933 Finnish Pyh€ Raamottu
ΚΚΚ Hungarian K‡roli
ΚΚΚ New Zealand Maori (tribal)
ΚΚΚ Modern Greek Bible
ΚΚΚ 1930 Norwegian Bible
ΚΚΚ 1982 Philippine Bible
ΚΚΚ 1917 Russian Synodal Text
ΚΚΚ 1966 Le Sainte Bible en Sango
ΚΚΚ 1982 Shuar of Equador, New Testament
ΚΚΚ Swahili New Testament
ΚΚΚ 1994 Terjemahan Baru
ΚΚΚ Turkish New Testament
ΚΚΚ 1934 Vietnamese Bible

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