Re: Shoebox 4 for Windows and Macintosh is now available!

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Date: Thu Sep 17 1998 - 15:09:10 EDT

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Subject: Shoebox 4 for Windows and Macintosh is now available!

>I saw this on the SIL web site. Here's their blurb:
> Shoebox 4 for Windows and Macintosh is now available!
> Shoebox is a database management program designed especially
> for use by field linguists. It is especially good at interlinearizing
> text and developing lexicons. It can also be used for cataloging
> field notes, anthropological information, and grammatical information.
>It looks like it might be useful for some people on this list. Shoebox can
>be found at:
>There is a self-paced tutorial for Shoebox at:
>I haven't used the program, so I can't tell you anything beyond what I read
>on the web pages.

Shoebox was developed by SIL for FIELD LINGUISTS. That means it is designed
for inductive work in which data needs to be collected and analyzed and
dictionaries need to be developed in a language for the first time. (SIL
has traditionally worked in languages that have not previously been reduced
to writing; therefore an orthography has not yet been chosen, no written
literature exists, there is no literacy, there are no dictionaries.) I'm
not sure how useful this would be for the student of NT Greek with the
wealth of material that has been produced over the years, but it would be an
interesting approach to learning Greek inductively.

Philip Graber
Ronceverte, West Virginia, USA

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