Re: Greek New Testament

From: Wieland Willker (
Date: Thu Sep 17 1998 - 12:15:43 EDT

Mark Goodacre wrote:

> I have a problem, though, in that I have a different font on my
> machine also
> called "Koine", used for the Zondervan BibleSource for Windows,
> and my browsers
> insist on giving me that font for Wieland's pages. Does anyone
> else have the
> same difficulty? I have managed to overcome it by saving
> Wieland's HTML pages
> and then opening them in Micosoft Word, but it's not ideal.

I have changed that. The font is now called "GNT".
I hope this works better?
Check it out at:

> The test alphabet on the opening page features E where it should
> be H, by the
> way.

I have corrected that, too.

Best wishes

"Critically examine everything. Hold on to the good."
(Paul, First Thessalonians 5.21)

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