Re: Septuagint????

From: Jack Kilmon (
Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 00:48:07 EDT wrote:
> Hey:
> Sorry about the Vulgate-Septuagint mix-up. I got so excited about finding
> the Vulgate on-line that I
> lost my head. I realized as I was walking home what I had done--my
> roomate can verify for me that
> I kept hitting my head telling myself "Wait--Vulgate is Latin, so why did
> I post that to the Greek list?
> Oh-Yeah--because I'm an idiot!! "
> Oh well. Now I'll have to redeem myself by an digging up an old copy of
> the Septuagint (literally
> dig...) and scan it onto my web-site for you all. Will all be forgiven
> then? ;)

Very definitely! :) If I had a dollar for everytime I mixed my text
types, I would be a very RICH idiot :)



Min d'LA rokHEM l'maRAN yeSHUa meshyCHA niheYAH. maRAN aTHA

Jack Kilmon

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