Re: Learning Greek For Pleasure (was: reading for vocabulary)

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 18:57:42 EDT

At 06:32 PM 9/24/98 -0400, Theodore H. Mann wrote:

>I have reached the point
>in my own hit-and-miss studies where I can, with the help of a lexicon,
>usually arrive at basic translations of specific passages, and make some
>use of Wallace's (or Carlton Winbery's) intermediate grammar-- and doing
>so is very enjoyable. But to grasp the more complicated implications of
>the text is pretty much beyond my skill. However, I can easily read
>about such matters in any number of books and articles (or on B-Greek)
>written by those who have gained high levels of expertise.
Ah, but someone who does not know Greek can't grasp or appreciate the
wonderful insights that can be found in the grammars, the lexicons, or the
discussions here on B-Greek. I doubt that I'll ever write a commentary,
translate the New Testament, or produce a lexicon, and *nobody* sees *all*
the possible implications of a text. But at the level of Greek that I have
now attained, I can enjoy reading any of these things. There are lots of
questions I can't answer, but there are lots more questions I can ask, and
I really learn a lot from the answers.

Texcel Research

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