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What has been helpful to me is to listen to a chapter on tape and follow the
first time in an interlinear. I note any words which are new to me and mark
the margin with a memory note (some kind of memory association by which I
can remember the word). I may listen to it again with interlinear in hand if
necessary or with my regular GNT. After a few readings, I find that the
vocabulary and grammatical construction become cemented in my thinking.

I began recording my own readings and then switched to Spiro Zhohadiates(?)
tapes. (Why reinvent the wheel?) The difficulty with his tapes is that they
are in modern Greek pronunciation which reduces all the vowel and diphthong
sounds to about two sounds, most of which are the"ee." sound.

>>My pet peeve about the introductory textbooks to which I have been exposed
>>both Hebrew and Greek] is that they *do not provide* enough reading for
>>vocabulary to become fixed in my creaking old engrams. If I wander out to
>>or the Greek NT, I find myself looking up every other word, and puzzling
>>constructions to the detriment of finding the sense of the verse.
>Thats ok- I mean its ok if you have to look up every other word. Thats how
>you learn. If you keep it up, pretty soon you wont have to look em up cuse
>you will know them. Did anyone, by the way, get a set of vocabulary flash
>cards when they were born and began the process of lerning their mother
>tongue? I dont think so. Instead, we learned words because we heard them
>over and over. the reason, frankly, that many leanr Greek or Hebrew and
>then fail to use it once out of school is because they learn it the wrong
>way- and thus not at all.


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