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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Tue Sep 22 1998 - 20:48:28 EDT

At 04:07 PM 9/22/98 -0500, G. Ross wrote:
>If one wishes to develop the skill of fluent extensive reading, however, one
>needs to learn not to vocalize or subvocalize. That is, one needs to learn
>NOT to hear in one's mind how each word is pronounced. It took me a few
>thousand hours of reading French to reach this goal. How many people spend
>that amount of time learning to read biblical Greek?

I'm not sure that this is a goal for me in Greek. I read German without
subvocalizing, but I lived there for 7 1/2 years, and paradoxically, it was
lots and lots of speaking German with native speakers that got me to where
I didn't need to pronounce what I read.

But to try to read Greek the same way I read English or German seems
unrealistic to me, or at the very least, seems like a much more distant
goal. If I ever take up weight-lifting, I won't use the same weights that
Alexeev used, simply because I'm not Alexeev, and never will be. I'll never
be a native speaker of Koine Greek either.

For now, at least, reading out loud really helps me to read more carefully.


Jonathan Robie

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