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At 9:33 PM -0500 9/22/98, wrote:
>Another consideration in reading for comprehension in Greek, at least in
>Homer, is the problem of reading dactylic hexameter despite the accents. I can
>read the language as "prose" (with the proper accents) and (sort of)
>understand it, but when I switch to reading the meter, my comprehension goes
>out the door. It takes several readings to bring the two mental functions into

Are you reading the accents as pitch accents? Theoretically, that should
not interfere with reading the dactylic hexameter metrically--IF you're
reading the dactylic hexameters as regular sequences of long and short
syllables rather than putting a verbal stress on the obligatory first long
of each dactyl. I would guess that more likely you're doing it like Latin
hexameters, where there is a definite conflict between a metrical ictus and
ordinary word-accent and both ictus and accent are sounded as stress on the

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