Re: Learning Greek for pleasure

From: Bret Hicks (
Date: Fri Sep 25 1998 - 13:19:59 EDT

Jonathan wrote:

Ah, but someone who does not know Greek can't grasp or appreciate the
wonderful insights that can be found in the grammars, the lexicons, or
discussions here on B-Greek. I doubt that I'll ever write a commentary,
translate the New Testament, or produce a lexicon, and *nobody* sees
the possible implications of a text. But at the level of Greek that I
now attained, I can enjoy reading any of these things. There are lots of

questions I can't answer, but there are lots more questions I can ask,
I really learn a lot from the answers.

Although I am new to Greek (less than 3 years) I must agree with
Jonathan. This has been the greatest benefit for me personally.
Although I always begin my NT studies with a translation from the Greek
to English, the real benefit is how my ability to read Greek has opened
up a wealth of tools that simply were inaccessible to me before. For
example, prior to learning Greek I had purchased some commentaries that
were simply beyond my abilities, but now I consult them regularly and
with great benefit. This does not mean that I take everything they say
as being true. On the contrary, I am now able to do research to find
out if there is support for what they say. I have found this new
ability to be most helpful in teaching the Scripture, and also most
enjoyable. (The same thing could be said for lexicons, grammars,
theological dictionaries, etc.) Although I may never reach the level of
proficiency of many on the list, the ability to consult these other
tools, and the sheer enjoyement of learning to read God's Word in the
original language of the texts has been most enjoyable. Just my two
cents worth.....

In the grace of Christ,
Bret Hicks
Pastor, Bay Ridge Christian Church
Annapolis, Md.

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