Re: HELP: Paul and the greek word musterion

Date: Sat Sep 26 1998 - 17:22:04 EDT

Carl W. Conrad wrote: [majorly snipped and dubbed]
> I wanted to apologize on-list for my
> gruffness.

[Because I had said:]

> >> This, I think, is not so much mystery as pure witchcraft! Magic! Hocus
> >> Pocus Dominocus!

[To which George responded:]

> >Carl!!!

And Carl said:

> I'm sorry for the intemperate outburst. But here we differ very sharply on
> the nature of linguistic analysis; I'm not questioning your sincerity, nor
> your ingenuity; nevertheless, what you are doing with words like MUQOS and
> AIWN seems more akin the machinations of an alchemist than anything else
> that I can think of.

If it's any consolation, I did the same thing with Aristotle's
formulation that is translated into English as 'essence' [TO TI ESTAN
EINAI ~ 'The what it was being to be'] 25 or so years ago. The word
'essence' just left me clueless. [Dr. Warren just smiled and nodded.]

Meanwhile, I am surely deserving of your 'intemperate outburst' I
would imagine ~ Remember my intemperateness in the aorist-tense
discussion? I had argued that those who wish to assign tense value to
the aorist formed a linguistic priesthood initiated into the mysteries
of context-tense assignment for the aorist, and kinda framed you into
that role ~ So now the tables are turned, and I am the eisegetical
alchemist practicing witchcraft and magic!! A member of a different
priesthood of the art of interprettion! I guess I've got that one

I really do not mean to vex anyone, and when differences arise in
approach, and I have great differences with most on this list,
vexations are not hard to understand. I am sorry that I am not more
sensitive in how I say what I do say, and I remain in the little bit
of truth that I am graced with. I only have a little of it, as do we
all, and I can only share what I have, and hope for the best. May God
richly bless our efforts here...


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