Re: HELP: Paul and the greek word musterion

Date: Sun Sep 27 1998 - 11:07:13 EDT

REAL SUBJECT: Werner Jaeger

Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> what Werner Jaeger gave as an
>English equivalent for it (I sat in on the last class he taught--on what
>was probably his single most important life's work, Aristotle, at Harvard
>before retiring in 1959) "the being what it was"

The experience of actually having studied under one of the greatest scholars
in the 20th century must be even more wonderful in retrospect than when it
was taking place. The privilege of having seen, listened to, and even
studying with, the giants who were once on the earth, is something one
can only be grateful for, and celebrate in memory. I had some very great
teachers at Chicago in the 1940's; but no Werner Jaeger!

Carl continues to be an object of my envy.

Edward Hobbs

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