Re: PRWTH in Lk 2:2

From: Ricardo y Judith Garrett (
Date: Sun Sep 27 1998 - 09:16:34 EDT

Denny Diehl writes:

Thanks to Carl and Jonathan for such helpful
comments on Lk 2:2. Last night I was doing some
reading and ran across an F. F. Bruce comment
on this very topic:

        "Luke 2:2, which mentions Quirinius in
        connexion with an earlier census, is best
        translated: "This enrollment was before
        that made when Quirinius was governor
        of Syria." (cf. N. Turner, Grammatical
        Insights Into The Greek New Testament
        [ Edinburgh, 1966 ], pp. 23f).

This is found in Bruce's, New Testament History, p32
note 1.

My comment is that this is also the translation adopted by Nolland in the
Word Biblical Commentary on Luke.

Dick Garrett
Mexico City

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