Re: Who sent Paul and Barnabus?

From: Trevor M Peterson (
Date: Wed Sep 30 1998 - 22:40:46 EDT

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998 10:44:10 -0700 clayton stirling bartholomew
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>All of these terms, MAQHTAIS, EKKLHSIAS, ADELFOUS are rather inclusive
>in this
>context. This debate was within the EKKLHSIA. Now my question is who
>Paul and Baranabus? Was it the "Judiasers" represented in this context
>TINES, was it the leadership of the EKKLHSIA?

The TINES come from Judea, whereas the particular group of MAQHTAIS and
ADELFOUS that constitute the EKKLHSIA in this passage are those found in
Antioch, where Paul and Barnabas are at the time of this dispute. It is
therefore the EKKLHSIA of Antioch that is in view. I take it that the
TINES would have been viewed as outsiders, at least initially, but either
way the emphasis is still decidedly away from the TINES. At best, they
may come to be considered in some sense a subset of the EKKLHSIA, but
when the EKKLHSIA sends Paul and Barnabas, it is the EKKLHSIA as a whole.
 And I think that makes a great deal of sense contextually. The EKKLHSIA
at Antioch was confused by this dispute, and they sent Paul and Barnabas
to Jerusalem to work out a resolution. Until then, they would withhold
judgment regarding the TINES.

Trevor Peterson
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