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Date: Mon Sep 28 1998 - 09:11:29 EDT

>Carl, Steven, et al.,
>On the social dimensions of such words as PAREPIDHMOS and PAROIKOS and
>so forth, you might want to look at John H. Elliott, _A Home for the
>Homeless: A Sociological Exegesis of 1 Peter, Its Situation and
>Strategy_ (Fortress Press, 1981).
>It seems also that any consideration of the usage of such terms in the
>NT should take into account the theological impact of apocalyptic
>eschatology on the usage. That is, regardless of the actual social
>location of the writer, the intended readers, or the characters
>described in the narrative, the usage of such words may may be colored
>by the idea that all believers are "strangers and exiles" on earth and
>maintain only a heavenly "citizenship" (eg, Paul's usage of POLITEUMA
>in Phil 3:20).

The reference to Elliott is excellent. There is also an excellent book by
Balsdon on Aliens in the Roman Empire [exact title not in my memory--and
the book is a shelf at home]. There is also material buried in the works of
Ramsay MacMullen that would be useful.

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