Re: Adverbial aorist participles

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Sep 30 1998 - 12:27:22 EDT

At 5:04 AM -0500 9/30/98, Jon Robertson wrote:
>Hello all, just a quick question (that may generate more than a quick
>reply). What are your opinions about the occurrence of adverbial
>aorist participles of subsequent action? To put it another way, are
>there adverbial aorist participles (particularly in the New
>Testament) which describe action that takes place after the action of
>the main verb? I did a research paper about this in a graduate
>grammar class, but I would prefer to hear the opinions of the list
>before I put my neck in the noose!

It would be a lot easier to respond to this if you would cite two or three
particular passages that you have in mind. My own general sense is that
adverbial aorist participles appear most commonly in narrative contexts
where they pretty clearly indicate actions prior to the time of the main
verb. Of course there are some instances where an aorist participle may
refer to time contemporaneous with the main verb, but subsequent? I really
need to see the sort of passages you're talking about.

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