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From: Williams, Wes (
Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 18:53:06 EDT

> Dear Wes,
> There is an exchange relating to this subject between Larry Hurtado and
> myself on the tc-list from last week (tc-list Syriac pipi and hehe).
> Regarding Pietersma`s thesis, I would like to mention that in july 1998,
> at
> the Congress of the International Organization for the Study of the
> Septuagint and Cognate studies, in Oslo, I heard Emanuel Tov give a
> lecture
> about the DSS fragments of the "LXX", where he concluded that Pietersma`s
> thesis was wrong. Pietersma was present. The evidence that the
> tetragrammaton was not present in the original LXX as Pietersma claims, is
> that the tetragrammaton in old Hebrew characters occurs in 8HevXIIgr with
> TWi in the dative case (See E. Tov, 1990, The Greek Minor Prophets Scroll
> from Nahal Hever, 1990 pp 59,77). This should not be possible if
> Pietersma«s hypothesis was correct.
Dear Rolf,

I find this nothing short of fascinating! Please share any information you
have when and if Tov's conclusions are published in further detail.

Now, help me understand this a little more since I have never read
Pietersma's thesis nor Tov's book and I do not have access to them in a
short timeframe. Does Pietersma claim that TWi YHWH (and not TWi KURIWi) in
8HevXIIgr means KURIWi was there initially and not YHWH? And it was this
that Tov claimed was wrong?

Also, thank you for sharing the supporting evidence from the Syriac MSS.
They do parallel Howard's argument.

Wes Williams

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