Re: Present tence copulative verbs

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sat Oct 31 1998 - 13:01:59 EST

At 09:52 AM 9/1/98 -0700, wrote:
>Jonathan Robie wrote:
>> I think that there is widespread agreement, regardless of theological
>> perspective, that this verse says Jesus existed before Abraham and has
>> continued to exist up until the current time.
>I am wondering, however, if the EGW EIMI's reference to Exodus may
>have been what triggered the stoning.
Why do you see this as a reference to Exodus 3:14? I just spent 40 minutes
looking at the two passages, and posted my results to B-Greek. As I said
before, I would have thought hO WN would be a clear reference to Exodus
3:14, but I see no compelling reason to construe EGW EIMI as such.


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