2 used grammars for sale

From: Rodney J. Decker (rdecker@bbc.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 02 1998 - 11:29:26 EDT

Mcgaughy, Lane C, A Descriptive Analysis Of 'einai' As A Linking Verb In
The New Testament, Paperback Date: 1972 Publisher: Scholars Press
Very Good Condition Dove Price: $32.00

Zerwick, Max, Biblical Greek: Illustrated By Examples, Paperback Date:
1990 Publisher: Pontificio Istituto Biblico Excellent Condition Dove
Price: $18.00

McGaughy has been out of print for awhile. It is a specialized treatment
but students of advanced Greek grammar should read it. Zerwick is a useful
intermediate grammar. It might be available new cheaper--Amazon.com lists
it, but as a special order item. (I also noted there that our Jonathan
Robie wrote a review of it!) Dove's web site <http://www.dovebook.com/>
still has them listed as available this morning (though there is another
title that is now missing:).


Rodney J. Decker, Th.D. Baptist Bible Seminary
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