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<x-rich>At 2:02 PM -0500 10/6/98, Jim West wrote:

>Hello- I know this is not the proper place to ask this question- but I

>hoping to prevail on Carl's compassion or that of another.....


>I am attempting to find out the underlying Latin of a sentence of

>Augustine's Confession- book 2, chapter 3, sec. 5 (last sentence

>section 6)-


>in English it reads... "O God, who art the sole true and good Lord of

>heart, which is thy field"

Here's the whole sentence; the part you've cited is the last 12 words
of it:

multorum enim civium longe opulentiorum nullum tale negotium pro
liberis erat, cum interea non satageret idem pater, qualis crescerem
tibi aut quam castus essem, dummodo essem disertus vel desertus potius
a cultura tua, deus, qui es unus verus et bonus dominus agri tui,cordis

>Now I have ordered the Loeb edition but it will not be here for a few

>days... and I simply cannot wait.


>Someone, please, give aid....

Jim O'Donnell, one of the major Augustine scholars and author of the
major commentary on the Confessions, maintains one of the most
fantastic web sites of its kind at UPa on Augustine:


There is a complete Latin text of the Confessions there as well as two
different English translations, Latin texts (and translations) of
several other works of Augustine, and the entire correspondence from
two on-line seminars on Augustine that he has conducted. </color>

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