Re: Accordance Error

From: Bill Combs (
Date: Wed Oct 07 1998 - 11:17:23 EDT

Dale Wheeler wrote:

>As to why the GRAMCORD parsing reads middle at 1Cor 10:9 is that we/I follow
>BAGD as our standard (and if I REALLY disagree, I put it in as an alternate).
>BAGD lists only Act and Mid for APOLLUMI, and lists this passage under the
>middle. As to why that's true, what Carl said (in this case and before on
>voice in previous posts) is right on the money, in my opinion. One of the
>ways that BAGD,, determines if a verb is middle only (or passive
>only, or middle only deponent, or passive only deponent) is to look and
>see what forms the verb occurs in when its in the Aorist/Future (6th
>Prin Part), since that's the only place one can see both forms. I haven't
>personally chased this one down, but it looks like, acc. to BAGD, this
>verb only occurs in the Aor Mid and Fut Mid.

and Randy Leedy wrote:

>I don't know whether or not this point has already been made, but,
>Bill, you'll notice that the next verse (1Cor. 10:10) reads KAI
>APWLONTO hUPO TOU OLOQREUTOU. Here you've got your hUPO phrase with an
>aorist form that can only be middle. BAGD treats the form as middle
>(due, no doubt, to its unambiguously middle voice use in contexts such
>as v. 10), so I think Accordance is right at this point and Mounce and
>perhaps some other tools as well simply missed a detail and
>consquently messed up.

Thank you both for the explanations.

Bill Combs
Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

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