Aorist part. of subsequent action???

From: Jon Robertson (
Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 05:02:53 EDT

Dear list,

Since I have been inundated with silence about my first inquiry along
these lines I'll try one more time. Since even Carlton Winbery cited
Burton's Moods and Tenses, I will mention that he also sees a place
for the aorist participle of subsequent action. See pp.65-67
(paragraphs 144 - 145), where he lists some possible classical
occurrences as well. Besides the passages which I earlier cited in
Acts, he also lists Romans 4:19, 21; Heb. 9:12; Phil. 2:7; and 1
Peter 3:18 as possible examples (which I, for one, find less
convincing than the Acts passages). He states here that these aorists
seem to be "equivalent to KAI with a coordinate verb." Although, as
has been stated, citing Burton does not "prove anything", it does
demonstrate that the aorist of subsequent action is not some "new
fangled invention" made up to go along with someone's theory of
verbal aspect. Okay, guys and gals, who wants to take these on and
demonstrate that subsequent action is not the best understanding of
these passages?? Just to stir you to responding, I will take
silence this time as acquiescence to the reality of the aorist of
subsequent action. : )

Jon Robertson

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