Re: septuagint - how many times agape (english) appears

From: One of the McKays (
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 04:09:55 EDT

>I can not figuare out how to find agape in the Septuagint. Is there
>aconcordance for it???? I'm trying to find when the word agape first came
into use in greek.

G'day Robert. Using BibleWorks, I find that AGAPAW occurs 283 times in the
LXX, and AGAPH only occurs 19 times. Interestingly, one of them is for
Amnon's love for Tamar [the sister he raped!]

And AGAPH is never used of God's love in the LXX. It is used most frequently
[surprise, surprise] in the Song of Songs.

David McKay

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