RE: septuagint - how many times agape (english) appears

From: Williams, Wes (
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 12:33:56 EDT

        I can not figuare out how to find agape in the Septuagint. Is there

        aconcordance for it???? I'm trying to find when the word agape
first came
        into use in greek.

A quick Bibleworks search reveals 233 verses with 317 instances of AGAP* in
Rahlf's. The LXX translators used AGAPHTOS and AGAPAW four times in Gen 22
describing Abraham's feelings towards Isaac. A standard Concordance in book
form is Hatch and Redpath. The Perseus site is a good tool to check uses of
AGAPH in extra-biblical Greek references.

Wes Williams

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