Re: Hebrews 2:7 (Attention Kyle Dillon and/or anyone else)

From: Theodore H. Mann (
Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 - 19:15:44 EDT

On Tue, 13 Oct 1998 18:13:56 -0700 (Kyle Dillon)

>Another basis for translating it [BRACHU TI] as "a little" instead of
"for a little while" is that in the Hebrew text of Psalm 8:5 (remember,
the author of Hebrews >is quoting the LXX, a translation of the Hebrew
text), we do not find the word "angels," but "God" (Hebrew "elohim"). The
Jewish scholars who wrote the LXX >thought that calling man only a little
lower than God might belittle God, so they chose to use the alternate
meaning of "elohim" (the plural "gods" or "godlike >beings," interpreted
as "angels") in their translation. So if we do translate we do translate
BRACU in Hebrews 2:7, it could possibly be traced back to the >Hebrew
text of Psalm 8:5, and one could reach the conclusion that man is only
temporarily less than God, which most would consider heretical (I'm not
>saying that such a doctrine is wrong, just that it is not grounded in
the text of Psalm 8:5 or Hebrews 2:7).

I find this quite interesting. I hope that I am not asking an
inappropriate question for B-Greek, but: What is the actual hard
evidence, if any, that the translators of the LXX thought the use of the
term "God" might belittle God? Many thanks.

Best in Christ,
Theodore "Ted" H. Mann

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