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>> << Where is the hUMIN in Eph. 4:6 please?
>> Really, I'm not very astute, just tell me.
>> Gilbert Rice
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>> In the text used in Barry's Interlinear it is the last word in the verse.
>Thank you for identifying the place where hUMIN is found in Eph. 4:6.
>I seldom look at Berry"s Interlinear because the text itself is I believe
>generally thought to be either the, or very close to the Textus Receptus.
>It is thought the TR is from no earlier than the 14th or 15th century.
>That word is lacking, according to the ABS Textual Commentary, in what are
>considered the 5 oldest authorities.
>I looked it up in a Greek Testament printed 1918 apparently in Greece (the
>whole frontispiece is in Greek, which I scarcely can read), and instead of
>its firsttroduc letter, upsilon, it has eta. Regarding that, acknowledging
>TR and other texts have hUMIN, the Textual Commentary shows that some have
>hEMIN. It adds, "Both readings are explanatory glosses, introduced in order
>to establish a personel reference of PASIN to the Christians." In the ABS
>Greek Text itself, no note is made of the variables. That action (or rather
>the absence of any note) is their practice of concluding that its text is
>deemed valid.
Gilbert L. Rice

The Textus Receptus, following a few minuscules and patristic witnesses (489
Theodoret al), add humin; other witnesses (D F G K L PSI 181 326 917 920 it
d,g vg syrp,h
goth arm al) add nmiv. Both readings are explanatory glosses, introduced in
order to esta-
blish a personal reference of pasin to the Christians. The reading adopted
for the text is
strongly supported by p46 alef A B C P 082 33 88 104 424c 436 442 460 462
1912* 1944
copsa,bo eth arab al. A Textual Comentary on the Greek NT. Bruce M. Metzger
UBS 1975
ISBN 3 3438 06010 8 pag.604

Braulio Barillas

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