Re: aorist tense

From: Ed Gorham (
Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 23:34:23 EDT

I'm probably not up on the latest of the latest, and I have no idea where
you are in your own studies, but if you are not conversant with the concept
of verbal aspect, that would be a place to go. Stanley Porter's "Idioms of
the Greek NT" would give you a valuable introduction, but you should go to
his "Verbal Aspect of New Testament Greek", or Fanning's "Verbal Aspect in
the Greek New Testament", for a full-blown treatment.

In my relatively short time studying Greek, I've learned to take the
counsel of those who welcome and study the new theories of tenses, etc.,
but who don't absolutize or embrace them, throwing off the older paradigms
wholesale. Daniel Wallace, for example, is one who makes an excellent
argument for the coexistence of Aktionsart and aspect, trying to use both
understandings to get to an accruate, workable translation.

Hope that helps.

-Ed Gorham

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