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>> EIPE hHMIN, James Ernest, does the
>> assignment of an ISBN# necessarily mean anything about the imminence
>> of
>> publication?
>Of course, always a definite guarantee! Unless maybe your faith
>isn't strong enough. In this case, AKM's report seems to
>constitute pretty good evidence that some belief is lurking
>amongst us. ;-)
>Well, OK: gar nichts! I just thought having the ISBN might
>make it easier for our friend to make his periodical
>pilgrimages to Amazon or CBD or wherever to
>check on the appearance of the tome...

I just noticed with approval the citation from Augustine in AKM Adam's
signature file: "Melius est dubitare de occultis quam litigare de incertis."

It appears that we have come upon a new eschatological mystery; I shall
coin a new riddle: "Why is waiting for the new edition of BAGD like waiting
for Godot?" I wish I knew the solution!

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