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From: Craig Rolinger (
Date: Wed Oct 21 1998 - 09:54:08 EDT

 I have it and I would not recommend it. It is easier just to use a good
beginning grammar than to try to use the CD. In my opinion the interface is
very awkward. If you don't remember to change your screen resolution to what
their program uses, then it doesn't read properly. I have a Pentium and it
still is slow to operate. It is almost impossible to print out pages, (which
I would consider a necessity) unless you own a "print-screen program." They
must be afraid you'll print out a text book and sell it. Parsons doesn't
seem to be interested in posting patches or improving the program. I would
consider it a shareware level (not to demean all shareware) program not
ready for the commercial market. But it is $49.95 and cheap is cheap. This
is all my opinion, of course, as an owner and one time user of the program.


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