Hebrews 3:12 Plural imperatives

From: Timothy Duke (tduke@westpac.com.au)
Date: Sun Oct 25 1998 - 20:46:12 EST


When I have heard sermons on this verse, the preacher often makes a point
that this verse commands a <<corporate>> obligation to keep each other
accountable. ie the author is NOT saying: each of you should check your
own heart; but rather as a group you should keep watch over each
individual. The reason they give for this interpretation is that the
plural imperative is followed by a singular object. Many commentaries also
refer to this & draw the same conclusion.

My question is this: is this grammatically correct at all; or is it merely
a preferred option etc etc. ? If so, just how far should we prefer it over
the other?

If the corporate version is the only way to go, how would you construct the
 non-corporate version?

Tim Duke

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