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From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Sun Nov 01 1998 - 13:39:00 EST

The reference to Timothy's father in Acts 16:4 has the imperfect form
hUPHRXEN which has been pointed out by F.F. Bruce (Acts NICNT 1st ed.) to
indicate that Timothy's father was dead at the time when this scene took
place. R. J. Knowling in the Exp. Greek Testament cites Blass as holding this
same view.

What evidence is their to support this? Is there a regular pattern showing the
form hUPHRXEN being used of people who have died? Or is this idea based only
on the supposed semantic opposition between the present and imperfect tense?

The comments in F.F. Bruce and R.J. Knowling are brief but they seem to
suggest that their reading is based on the semantic opposition between the
present and imperfect tense.

I wonder about this. Could both Bruce and Blass be wrong?

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