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> In other words, should Matt. 6:11 >be translated "DO give us NOW
> Here we have a B-Greek question: TON ARTON HMWN TON EPIOUSION DOS HMIN
> SHMERON. A literal translation: ?the bread of ours the daily (or necessary
> for existence) you give to us this very day.? A key lies with the etymology of

The thing about this word that stands out glaringly to me is the root
OUSI[A], meaning 'being' [esse] in classical Greek, which supports your
parenthetical 'necessary for existence' note, because 'that which is
upon being' [TON EPIOUSION] would seem to cut to the heart of the nature
of just what this 'bread' is.

As well, the central placement of HMWN between the two terms would seem
to tie them together in a personal way, where what is referred to is
'our' bread, upon 'our' being, even though the HMWN is technically
attributive to TON ARTON.

Thank-you, Paul, for your excellent post on this passage.


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