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From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Tue Nov 03 1998 - 16:15:28 EST

yochanan bitan wrote:
> with epiousios,
> the question needs to explain why a new word would be coined or at least a
> very rare word would be used?
> the reference to Ex 16.4 mentions 'bread from heaven', which was easily
> translated in LXX as ARTOUS EK TOU OURANOU. [minor adjustment of
> collective noun for plural reflects sensitivity to greek on this point in
> the LXX]. the concept of "heavenly bread" would have been easily expressed
> in Greek and would not explain rare coinage. i don't see ex 16.4 in the
> lord's prayer. hence i look elsewhere, e.g. pr 30.8
> erroso


I see now what your objection is. But I'm not sure that your answer
excludes mine. For I thing a good case can be made that Prov. 30.8 is
itself a reference to the manna traditions, with the implication that
the speaker of the proverb is praying (as I claim Jesus urges his
disciples to pray at Matt. 6:11) to have protection against becoming
like the wilderness generation who grumbled against their necessary
bread and wanted something else besides.


Jeffrey Gibson

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