Re: WHERE? (was RE: The Pastoral Epistles Grammatically Diagrammed)

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 17:38:29 EST

At 04:23 PM 11/5/98 -0500, Perry L. Stepp wrote:
>> From: Jonathan Robie []
>> The Gramcord Institute offers the following:
>> The Pastoral Epistles Grammatically Diagrammed
>> The Epistle to the Romans Diagrammed
>> Revelation Diagrammed
>> You can get further information on these at
>I was just at, and did not find a link or description of this
>document (or any related information). Which is kind of a shame, since I
>could really use it! Dissertation, you know.
The Gramcord site has a link that creates a mail message like this one:
        Subject: send me diagram info

There is no content in the message. If you just send an email like the one
I show above, within minutes your mailbox will contain the information you


Jonathan Robie

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