Re: Cremers Lexicon again

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Nov 09 1998 - 20:01:04 EST

At 04:00 PM 11/9/98 +0100, Jrg Buchegger wrote:
>a couple of weeks ago I found out about this wonderful B-greek Maillist. I
>am Juerg Buchegger, working parttime as a youthpastor in Berne, Switzerland
>and doing my doctoral studies in New Testament, about to write a
>dissertation on "Renewal of man in Paul".

Welcome! Glad to see you here!

>May I turn back to the initial question about Cremers work?
>Following is a German text of mine, which I was too lazy to
>translate. I know you are all very multilingual persons out there, so I
>thought this will be no problem.

This is indeed no problem. One of the decisions we made on this list is
that anyone can post in any language. This does exclude some people, but
there are usually people who benefit by posts in any major language.
Sometimes someone will even translate such a quote; the longer the quote,
the less likely this will occur.


Jonathan Robie

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