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From: George Athas (
Date: Mon Nov 09 1998 - 16:23:03 EST

Randy LEEDY wrote:

> [...]
> My new idea (new to me, at least) is that instead of getting my students to
> fill in the blank after the expression "This word MEANS ________," to
> get them to fill in the blank after "This is the word one uses WHEN
> TALKING ABOUT _________." This model reflects more clearly the fact
> that words do not have meanings as inherent properties but rather that
> we associate ideas with words as a matter of linguistic convention.
> Further, it draws attention to context rather than the word itself as
> the basis on which we discern meaning.

This is a good technique, Randy, because it breaks down the regimental thinking that
a word has only 'this' particular meaning. It makes people look not at words in the
vacuum of a lexicon, but as they are used to convey thought and concept. It is this
which really drives one to 'understand' words in a text, not just to 'know' words in
a text. It also particularly useful when you have a word or idiomatic expression
which has no simple equivalent in the language of translation.

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