PALIN (Heb 1:6)--"and again, when" or "and when again"?

From: Trevor M Peterson (
Date: Tue Nov 10 1998 - 23:19:21 EST

Does PALIN in Heb 1:6 modify EISAGAGHi or LEGEI? What I've found so far
is that PALIN with DE always refers to the closest verb or participle,
not necessarily to the main verb. In Hebrews, PALIN appears ten times.
Four times it appears without a closely related conjunction, always
refering to the closest verb or particple (4:7; 5:12; 6:1,6); five times
it appears with KAI to link OT citations (1:5; 2:13; 4:5; 10:30), always
without a stated verb; and only here does it appear with DE, with a
stated verb of speech, and with the closest possible referent being
EISAGAGHi. So, although the writer of Hebrews does use PALIN quite often
to introduce another citation in his argument, I would take it that here
the function is different.

What think ye?

Trevor Peterson
Bible/Theology Department
Washington Bible College
Lanham, MD

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